Dear visitor,

After running my own business for 30 years, it was time for something else. Inspired by various events in my life, i started painting stones and all kind of objects. In fact, i have reached the point that it's hard to look around without the question in mind if something is suitable to be painted, no matter where i am. I check the form, the color and material of all kind of objects. Almost with every stone i start with a black underground, i paint the colors on top of it drop by drop with a little paint-brush. What appeals to me is the meditative effect i experience while i am painting. It's one of the reasons why people call the stones "Mandala" or "meditative" stones. After having painted the stone, i finish it with lacquer, which gives the stone a glossy look.

I also make memorial stones by order. You can choose your own colors and you can let me know if you would like a design with shiny stones on top of the paintdrop for extra decoration (see page "Met siersteentjes"). If you have more ideas, you can always tell me and i will let you know if it's possible for me to create it. When things are clear, I will do my best to make a beautiful stone for you, in honor of the deceased person. The pictures of the memorial stones shown on the page "Gedenkstenen" are examples to give you an impression, they are not for sale. The price of a memorial stone starts with €75,-.

Thanks for visiting my website. If you have any questions you can always contact me by phone or e-mail.

Kind regards,

Saskia Bitter.

PS On a weekly basis i will upload pictures of new products.


Additional information:

- Click the photo to enlarge it and to see the price & measure of the product.

- "Met siersteentjes" means: a design of a stone with little (shiny) stones on top of the paint.

- The pictures shown on the page "Eigen werk" are not for sale. They can be re-produced, however, the design and colors will never be exactly the same because every product is unique.

- Depending on the sign-ups, i will organise different kinds of workshops during spring 2017. If you are interested, please let me know by e-mail.

- The measurement is the diameter of the product.

- Price includes 21% tax

- Delivery in the Netherlands €6,95

- Shipping in Europe €15,90

- Place your order by e-mail

- My bank account:

Name: S.C. Bitter

International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL13INGB0004563733